[*BCM*] Stolen bike info

Kent Stein seriouskent at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 18:45:02 EDT 2009

My bike was stolen last night. I know sending this is a longshot but if
anyone comes across it somehow it would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Reward
offered, no questions asked.

Green Canondale mountain bike, stolen from Symphony Road (Back Bay/Fenway)
night of 9/9/09. Bandit made off with the frame and rear wheel- I still have
the front wheel. I know, inexcusable use of my U-lock, although I could've
sworn I looped it through the frame in front. Sigh.

Serial number: 00102J6W12

Model number: MC400

Frame size: 12

Wheel size: 24 inch

Frame type: MH

Color: Lime rock green (a medium green)

Similar picture is attached, although my at the time it was stolen, my bike
did not have shocks.

Thank you all very much for your help.

Kent Stein

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