[*BCM*] Motivation to ride CM

robert fine countrybob at comcast.net
Thu Jul 2 23:33:55 EDT 2009

There is motivation to bicycle and maybe ride CM in this quote taken from
the website: http://www.beyondtalk.net/


"Scientists tell us that the maximum level of CO2 our atmosphere can safely
bear is 350 parts per million. Beyond that, our planet is at imminent risk
of catastrophic changes we'll never be able to stop - meaning billions of
people will die. 


Today, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is already at 390 worldwide - and
it's rising at 2 parts per million per year."


And,for those afraid to lose their job for becoming known as a radical by
being outlandishly outspoken, going on CM rides and even losing your cool
once in a while,  you can help sponsor an activist who will risk arrest.


Just click on the link that says:


  "I am unable to get arrested, but would like to purchase "action offsetS"
to help someone else receive civil-disobedience training or pay bail, or to
otherwise assist this program."

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