[*BCM*] Fwd: Comm Ave Bike Lane meeting Aug 31st.

Ari Pollak ajp at aripollak.com
Thu Aug 27 10:30:23 EDT 2009

Is there a better solution than a bike lane like they pictured? That
entire stretch of Comm Ave is lined with parked cars, people are
double-parking there constantly, and the lanes seem pretty narrow
already. Will adding a bike lane make people slow down? What about just
shifting the lane markings over a bit and adding "share the road" markings?

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> FYI, and to forward to friends in Boston
> *From:*
> *Subject:* Comm Ave Bike Lane meeting Aug 31st.
> There's an important meeting coming up where the city will propose
> installing bike lanes on Comm Ave from Kenmore to the Public Garden.
> The meeting is on 8/31 at 6PM at the BPL.
> Cyclists are encouraged to attend, especially if you live in the
> neighborhood!
> Details:
> Monday, August 31, 2009
> 6:00 PM
> Boston Public Library Central Branch
> Mezzanine Conference Room
> 700 Boylston Street
> Please see and circulate the attached flier for details.  

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