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Antony Rudie antony.rudie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 21:39:15 EDT 2009

Turil said:

> I've flown over my handlebars a number of times and never hit the top
> of my head at all.  It's not at all physically likely.

Perhaps unlikely, but it happened to me.  22 years ago, I got broadsided in
an office parking lot by someone driving too fast and on the wrong side of
the lane.  I  landed on my helmet and somersaulted.  a witness shrieked in
horror.  The helmet had a terrifying gash in it.  I was totally fine.  Do
what you like, I am required by that to wear a helmet from now on.

That being said, helmets have little to do with what the bicycling community
really needs.  Bike lanes, police awareness, etc.
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