[*BCM*] grim scenes saturday... any news?

Turtle turtle at thewiseturtle.com
Sun Aug 2 15:35:47 EDT 2009

I've flown over my handlebars a number of times and never hit the top
of my head at all.  It's not at all physically likely.  You usually
land on your chin, hands, shoulders, and elbows when this happens.
Plus, I really, really hope no one is going 20 mph on a busy street
that has objects that are likely to crash into you (or vice versa).  I
only get up to those kinds of speeds if I'm on a big open road, with
no traffic immediately in front of me.

Of course racers, who regularly drive like crazy people,
intentionally, have far more chances of doing something dangerous
enough to really warrant wearing a helmet (and they keep their heads
down a lot, too).  Though wearing a helmet didn't do racer Nichole
Reinheart any good when she took a corner on a treelined street in
Arlington way too fast and slammed head first into a tree.

Again, it's a fine idea if you want to wear one, but don't exaggerate
the reality of the physics of it all.  If you drive your bike at a
legal speed (reasonably safe for the conditions) and manner (following
the laws, and respecting the right of way of other travellers) you
most likely won't ever have any use for a helmet.

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,

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