[*BCM*] grim scenes saturday... any news?

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not everyone can afford one, even when they want one.

I just bought a helmet for $40.
I've been to many bike stores in the area and 
they are relatively cheap.


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Another lesson in not hugging the right side of the road, unless
you're turning right.  It's impossible to say if the car driver had
just passed the cyclist and cut him off, or if the bike driver was
trying to pass the car driver on the right.   Either way, this kind of
thing is easily preventable (i.e. it's not an "accident") when
everyone follows the normal rules of the road of making a right turn
from the rightmost side of the road, and passing on the left.

Also, isn't it interesting that even cyclists feel it's important to
point out when others cyclists aren't wearing helmets.  Presumably the
car driver wasn't either, but no one bothers to mention that.  Helmets
are optional.  And they don't stop cars from crashing into you.  And
not everyone can afford one, even when they want one.  And, even when
worn correctly (which the vast majority aren't) they can still cause
more problems than they solve (limited visibility being one of them).
I do choose to wear one, but I don't believe it's particularly
important in the grand scheme of things (except when it comes to my
husband, because I'm kind of irrational around him, and because he's
sort of a car magnet, and gets hit far more than most folks).

Just my two cents.

Hopefully everyone will learn something from this unpleasant mistake.

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
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