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Wed Feb 13 23:09:11 EST 2008

    > > which list or lists do you refer to?

-- which asks where one might see the "other email lists" *you* refer
to.  And that's a valid question, since it goes directly to the source
for your assertion.

Do you favor us with an answer?  Oh, heck, no!  Instead, you puff-up
an indignant little tantrum:

> =v= You can't even apologize for your unwarranted, inaccurate,
> off-topic attack and then you demand to know yet more material
> to use to bore this list with additional flaming metadiscussion?

-- a tantrum that is, itself, an off-topic metadiscussion.  It's also
another attempt to change the subject away from my encouraging you to
own and explain *your own words*.  Clever!  But it's not "more
material" -- it's what *you* wrote in the first place!

You won't back up your assertion, of course, because you can't.  And
if you stayed on-topic, you would have to admit you've libeled
MassBike.  So your answers are evasive.

Well, your evasions are noted.  I won't ask you again.

But sure, I'll join you on ending this.  Yes, game over -- please!
Your drive-by libel game isn't fun for anyone ... not even you, I bet.

So like you, I'm done!

-- Tom

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