[*BCM*] MAPS: An amazing climate conference!

Rouwenna Lamm rouwenna at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 10:00:57 EST 2008

Dear Critical Mass bikers,

I am writing on behalf of the Massachusetts Power Shift Planning Committee
to inform you, Boston Critical Mass participants, about this incredible
weekend-long summit! Planned for April 11-14th, Massachusetts Power Shift
(MAPS) is modeled after Power Shift 2007, a national event that drew over
5,500 students to Washington D.C. on November 2-5th, with the goal of
bringing about strong solutions to the climate and poverty crises at hand.
To learn more, please visit www.masspowershift.org.

As a student at Smith College, I am working with a network of students from
across Massachusetts to replicate the success of Power Shift in our
backyard: downtown Boston. The weekend-long summit, complete with workshops,
community strategy sessions, a green art exhibit, lobby day, musical
performances, and speakers will educate, inspire, connect, and activate
hundreds, if not thousands, of future and current world-changers. We are
bringing together dozens of different groups from across the state in this
effort, and we would love you and your fellow bikers help in reaching our
full potential!

First we want to extend the invitation to attend the conference to each of
you. Early registration is only $10 at www.masspowershift.org. Second, we
invite you and any organization or community you might be a part of to join
our effort to plan this amazing conference!

Please check out our website (www.masspowershift.org) to learn more. I would
love to talk to or meet with you over the next week or two to discuss your
potential participation in any aspect of this conference. Is there a time
that would work for such a conversation? Feel free to contact me by email or
by phone at 413-585-7343.


Rouwenna Lamm

Smith College
Co-Chair of Partnerships Team
Massachusetts Power Shift (MAPS)
Massachusetts Youth Climate Action (MYCA)
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