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Sat Feb 2 13:09:27 EST 2008

radar or maybe rfid would work, but it would take some doing to integrate
with gps. as another commenter stated, gps is read-only. you're talking
about sort of a mashup or overlay of live object tracking and static gps

at that, this idea would only work for people who have the technology in
their cars.

so, the simplest approach still is to be visible and ride defensively.
periodic driver training courses would probably help, too, but i doubt
any political body would pass such measures.

> People are talking about this being implemented at a radio layer or
> communicating your position to whereever etc.  What I was envisioning
> was using radar or somesuch to detect moving objects and then use the
> already in place gps systems to announce that you were approaching a
> very slow moving object (or heuristically a cyclist/pedestrian/animal).
> Such systems already exist in various forms for high end cars to alert
> primarily for deer (or at least that's how it's sold, the market for
> this kind of car is likely to live in their mcmansion in the middle of
> nowhere and commute an hour to work).
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