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BF, I like it... Jym hates to be pinned down and loves to roll and reroll the rhetoric (just see what he does with this).

Your point about promoting biking in a positive way (while having a dang good time) should be what every rider aims to do in a CM ride, harassing people and cops is not a good or positive idea and could get us shut down just like (is it SF?)


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In my humble opinion, the question posed was very much related to your comments. I ride CM occasionally simply because I like sharing and displaying my pro-bicycle values in hopes that more people will ride bikes. While I also ride for the fun of it, I feel that any behaviors that offend pedestrians and drivers detract from my goal. So although my comments may not be a response to any question or premise, and I would probably word it differently myself, I will say that I think it's generally "stupid to break a bunch of laws while on a ride." That's just me.

I am writing because you made me curious Jym: false premises aside, do you agree or disagree?


> But do you actually disagree with the point that it's stupid
> to break a bunch of laws while on a ride?

=v= I don't answer questions with false premises. ?That, too,
relates in no way to what I actually wrote.

? ?<_Jym_>

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