[*BCM*] Minneapolis Critical Mass rider acquitted

Jym Dyer jym at econet.org
Tue Apr 22 12:01:30 EDT 2008


> If the blog is to be believed, what's interesting is the level
> to which the city pressed [its] case despite overwhelming
> evidence against it.  Sadly that seems to be the normal state
> of affairs.

=v= Lawyers are rewarded not for seeking justice, but for being
aggressive and bullying, as that is thought to scare people into
settling.  There's nothing to prevent them from continuing on
with a case, though, because taxpayers are footing the bill.
They dragged on the RNC 2004 cases in NYC for well over a year,
even after evidence and testimony was proven to be false.

=v= Incidentally, RNC 2008 is in Minneapolis this year.

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