[*BCM*] WANTED: photo of the new "health insurance" bus campign of hit cyclist

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wait, so does this mean that when i got doored on beacon street last year i could've made 10s of thousands of dollars? god-damn my desire to feel sorry for old folks. furthermore, god-damn my desire to feel sorry for the borderline retarded BTD worker who caused my first dooring. 
regarding taxes, when i ripped through the H&R block online application on the 14th i noticed that you only get credit for having an energy efficient MOTOR vehicle. does anyone know if it's even remotely possible to get more back if you happen to commute using the most energy efficient form of transportation some people refer to as a bike? i don't get it. 

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Sorry, I was a bit unclear in my statement that insured drivers are protected while riding a bicycle. I was thinking of the oft chance case that a bicyclist is hit by an uninsured driver. I “googled” the subject and found the following statements:
From: http://www.massautoquote.com/
“Mass auto insurance laws require uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. The minimums on their coverage are 20/40, ($20,000 per person injured, up to $40,000 total). This policy helps cover the cost of your injuries should you be in an accident with a driver without liability insurance.”
And, from:  http://www.car-accidents.com/pages/uninsured_drivers.html
“An insurance study found the five states with the highest uninsured driver estimates were Colorado at 34 percent, Mississippi at 29 percent, Alabama at 28 percent, New Mexico at 27 percent and California at 26 percent. Colorado differs in that bodily injury claims are subject to a $2,500 monetary threshold and the uninsured motorist claims are not. In other states, the thresholds are the same.At the other end of the scale, the five states with the lowest uninsured driver estimates were Maine and North Carolina, tied at 5 percent each, South Dakota at 6 percent, and Nebraska and Massachusetts, each with 7 percent.”

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The Massachusetts Health Connector, an arm of the MA Department of Health and Human Services, just released an advertizement campaigh for health insurance, but picked an absolutely abhorrent image which absolutely sends the wrong message about health and transportation. Having a bus riding around Boston looking as if it has just run over a bicyclist is counter productive. This is an assault on the bicycling community and will not be tolerated. Especially with the Secretary of Transportation Cohen and Secretaty of Health Bigby recently collaborating about the connections between health and transportation, and a commitment for their agencies to better collaborate, this is an embarassment. 


Below is one of the campaign posters inside the MBTA subway cars: 



I hear rumor there is one (presumably more) MBTA buses with a "wraparound" advertizement that shows an image similar to the one above, but it looks like the real bus has just run over a bicyclist. I NEED A PHOTOGRAPH OF THIS ASAP! If anyone can snap a photo with your phone or camera and email it to me, that would be great. And the first person who does I will thank them with a free "ditch your car" T-shirt.



LivableStreets Alliance is working hard to resolve this issue asap and have this advertizing campaign recalled.




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LivableStreets Alliance


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