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I generally don't think of Critical Mass as trying to accomplish any
mission. I think of it as a celebration of people riding bikes. If you
are interested in specific things you should look to Mass Bike..


On 10/13/07, blueberrypeas at gmail.com <blueberrypeas at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Hi,
>  I've just discovered Cricitcal Mass and I was curious to know what,
> if any, mission you hope to accomplish by riding en masse once a
> month.  What are your thoughts on road maintenances, existing and
> proposed bike paths, the need for more bike racks in the city, the
> possibility of bike lanes?  I'm new to Boston and am curious to know
> if the city has addressed any bikers' concerns, or if it has been
> paying more attention to bikers' concerns in the past decade?  Any
> comment or bit of information is appreciated. Thanks.
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