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Although I don't feel that I lurk online as much as I may at the monthly 
gatherings, I would like to comment on several recent threads, I have been 
bicycling in our fair city since 1981 amongst other forms of transportation.  I 
regularly converse with my local reps ( I live in Mission Hill)  I know some of you 
are my neighbors and I have spoken with many bicyclists in this city due to 
my job driving a taxi! 
    There is both a large spike in bicycle riding due to the inefficiency and 
cost of the T and there appears to be a disturbing increase in bike theft.  
Recently one of my roommates almost had his bike stolen in allston, it was 
locked with a cable lock to a tree in front of Herrells on the corner of Harvard/ 
a white guy in his late 20's with a green pick up truck, also he had a 
shamrock tattoo on his upper right chest and several other bikes in the back was 
attempting to cut the lock w /boltcutters in the middle of the day.  When 
confronted he dropped the bike and drove off.
   What's especially frightening is the bikes that are being stolen are not 
the top of the line bikes but 
well, others, like lee I often ride a "frankenbike" that looks funky, my 
roommate has a crappy old mongoose that I gave him assembled from spare parts, I'd 
like to be able to post a lookout for this guy, not some kind of vigilantism 
but just an awareness.
   OK Taxi's  another thread entirely but relevant because as a cyclist I 
have had many a run in with
the 3rd world driving experience, taxi driving and it's apparent belligerence 
is just a piece of the transportation puzzle, most cabdrivers are from other 
countries because the cab s are a public service it would take too much time 
to go into this but they are not hired they buy there way into a job the city 
makes a ton of money and bears very little responsibility, most drivers don't 
even take road tests in this country it is often enough to have a license in 
another country and exchange it for a state license The greater injustice is 
that many of these guys are reacting to us out of fear and ignorance.  The 
transportation industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the economy with 
most people being independent contractors, no benefits no health insurance and 
subject to random unpredictable enforcement.  I almost received a parking 
ticket this past Thursday for stopping at a red light. This is true I had to argue 
with the meterperson that I was merely stopping for a red light, not 
attempting to live park.  This is a subject which I could go into much depth and is 
much more complicated than most people realize.  Remember the cities own taxis 
and sell the licenses, the "cab companies" do not own taxis or hire the drivers.
    Thirdly and I'm sure I will be widely flamed for my comments but I am 
unhappy with the current bike bill because it allows the police to ticket 
bicycles and cyclists for a variety of moving offenses and as I have stated in the 
past I personally feel that having to stop at a red light is a violation of my 
civil rights, not that
I don't stop but if it's safe I cross, too often I see cars driving thru a 
right on red w/o slowing down.  If I remain stopped at an intersection for any 
length of time the peril increases.  To a motor vehicle this is a minor 
infraction to a cyclist it is often life or death.  I feel the laws of physics 
supersede those laws of humankind 
   Sorry for this longwinded rant and thanks to all who take the time to read 

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