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rawillis3 at juno.com rawillis3 at juno.com
Tue Oct 9 10:02:18 EDT 2007

it's funny, I guess, I was going to say I have been a sporadic "lurker" on this thread, having really just looked in in time to case this latest exchange, could you conform, brick in the window, very eloquent on both sides.  in St. Louis the CM scene, never very large, sort of fell apart a couple of years ago when the one individual who had tried to power it up as an import from Chicago left to join the San Fransisco scene.  I was a frequent participant during his tenure, and have not joined in the fledgling efforts of some college students to revive it.  but several of the people who were massers then are now the founding board members of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation.  in our daily lives we have returned to quiet transportational cycling, engaging individual motorists in occasional dialogue, often just as angry as the next guy, but we are trying something a little more glacial, meeting with roads departments and legislators and police and prosecutors on a civil basis and with some pretense at least of credibility.


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