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I thought it was a great letter.

Until I realized that at the time of creation, the Back Bay as cited was a
swamp and the roads were backed up with horses, carriages, mud, and (as
Colonel Potter used to call it) "horse puckey."

Different to cars, but not much safer, and a different kind of dirt.  Pro
bikes, good, but appealing to the historical sense seemed to have a big

On 28/11/06, Lee Peters <lfpeters at gis.net> wrote:
>  Hey kids -- This is the 1st letter I got past the editors of the Globe.
> (Turtle provided guidance on how to do this a couple months ago, thanks!)
> http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/letters/articles/2006/11/28/back_bay_bike_racks_perish_the_thought/
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