[*BCM*] Need bike seat buying advice!

Vicki Siolos vicki at nyu.edu
Sun May 21 22:36:17 EDT 2006

Hello hello!

I have a vintage 70s Motobecan (a goddamn CADILLAC, I tell you!) with mustache bars to 
make it look even 
more obnoxiously ancient. Of course. I REALLY need a new seat. I'm not too adamant about 
having something 
with super padding, but am interested in finding the right kind of seat with a cutaway in the 
middle (not all the 
way down the middle [maybe] but moreso just towards the front).

Anyone selling, or have advice on how I can get one without spending a fortune?

Hit me off the list - 'tanks!



Vicki G. Siolos
vicki at nyu.edu

"weigh those opinions . more like air than lead . every planned occupation . surefire 
disappointment up ahead" 
- modest mouse.

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