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Turtle, you're completely missing my point.
My question is: Have you been to Iraq recently or do you only know about it 
based on what the media has told you? The mainstream media, both liberal and

conservative, has a vested interest in lying to the American people about 
the situation in Iraq. I have been to Iraq, I know what it's like over 
there, and I can guarantee that you have no idea what you're talking about.
I get extremely pissed-off when I hear people who have no clue talking about

Iraq as if they're the fucking experts.
IRAQ - If you haven't been there, shut the fuck up.

I think we all know the media lies.  I think some of us speak from the
center of a wishful heart; some, from a belief in rumor; some, pridefully,
from an overconfident reliance on the deductive process; and some, with
mischievous cynicism, from a desire to stir the pot.  Personally, I'm
willing to confess profound ignorance of "what's going on" in Iraq, despite
my own efforts to dig into the alternative media on the subject, and my
son-in-law's accounts of 18 months on the streets of Baghdad (Army Reserve).

So don't swear at us, educate us - if BCM's not the proper venue, direct us
to your blog.

BTW - can you speak Arabic?  Have you studied the Q'uran?  My answer is no,
and, I'm trying to get through an English-Language Nation of Islam version.

So I guess I need Iraq 101 ....

Dave Hammond

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