[*BCM*] The movement that divides us

Jym Dyer jym at econet.org
Mon Jun 5 12:32:24 EDT 2006

> "Well hey, if you expect to get us to teach drivers about
> cyclists, cyclists better get their act together." and then
> activists parroting that back to others and blaming cyclists
> for the fact that the streets aren't safe.
> IT"S A FALSE ARGUMENT. And it's divisive.

=v= Right on.  Plus, the prospect is doomed because people
insist on being imperfect, so there will always be imperfect
people that can be pointed at.  The argument is always about
holding cyclists to a standard that motorists are nowhere near
achieving (and, perversely, calling that equal treatment).

=v= Right now, somewhere in the U.S., motorist behavior is
killing somebody.  Should we hold all motorists accountable
and tell them they can't get any safety consideration until
they get their act together?  The idea of punishing Persons
A-Y for the actions of Person Z is preposterous, yet that's
the argument that's routinely invoked for bicyclists.

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