[*BCM*] Take a hint

Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson jorach at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 18:39:33 EDT 2005

"i see where you're coming from, but i have to agree with the OP a bit
on this one.  we're all basically on the same side here, but there
seems to be a lot of attacking and defensiveness.  it wouldn't hurt to
remember that we *are* all comrades in arms, and, though we differ on
a lot of things, our goals are essentially similar."

I don't see how you could possibly agree with the OP on that. "This
group has all of the disorganization and ineffectuality of CM
with none of the comeraderie or fun." His quote says that this email
list is as useless and pointless as Critical Mass itself.

If you hate CM so much, and you hate this email list so much, I don't
understand why you'd post here.

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