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Mon Aug 1 12:39:28 EDT 2005

You're assuming I've never been to these places, and that CM stays in a
regular set of bounds because they're "good,' or something.  The road
along the water in Southie that passes the L street bathhouse is really
nice, and though a bit hilly, a slow ride down towards castle island on
broadway would be pleasant at a slow pace.  Washington street or hyde
park ave in hyde park are pretty flat, maybe not too well maintained. 
There are parts of JP other than south huntington, obviously.  

The examples you gave a very limited and exclude whole other interesting
parts of the city that are fun/easy to ride, that haven't really been
hit before.

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 22:56:13 -0400, "Lee Peters" <lfpeters at gis.net>
> Please realize as you throw out ideas, that not all places are nice to 
> ride.  Boston suffers from some really 
> boring/industrial/exposed/uninhabited streets.  One problem with going 
> to JP for example is South Huntington.  It is mostly barren of people, 
> and not as fun to ride.   Newbury Street, even though we have been there 
> and done that, it has many desirable qualities that the Mass 
> enjoys---Scenery, people, & enclosure.
> Have any of you experienced the South Bay Shopping Center? Or the area 
> called Brighton Mills?  It is a crime that the BRA allowed developers to 
> do this to us.  They seem to be allowing the Seaport District to go in 
> this direction too.  That Greenway?---It will be surrounded by many 
> lanes of speeding cars.  I am often shocked at the wonderful/horrible 
> examples of urbanism all in the same city.
> lungfish wrote:
> >There is a whole 1/3 of the city that isn't even on most boston metro
> >maps- westie, rozzie, parts of jp, hyde park, dorchester, parts of
> >southie.  It seems like the mass mostly neglects those areas. 
> >considering that we ride for about 3 hours at about 5miles and hour, it
> >would be totally reasonable to just jut off in a random (or not so
> >random direction) at some point.  I think we stay towards downtown and
> >cambridge because that's where a lot of people live, and many people
> >leading either don't want to stray to far from home, lead others too far
> >from home, or just explore unexplored territory.  Why not hit castle
> >island next month? Or eastie (if accessable)? Or go down hyde park ave?
> >Or someone mentioned the L street bike path via mass ave to andrew
> >square?  These parts both don't see critical mass much (so we should
> >spread awareness to those areas, right?) and aren't totally congested
> >like, say, kenmore during a sox game.
> >
> >I propose a strong push to go where few massers have gone before.
> >
> >  
> >
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