[*BCM*] I wanna ride this CM, but my bike broke

Thomas John Vitolo tjvitolo at bu.edu
Mon Oct 25 10:12:27 EDT 2004

Critical Mass friends:

I rode in a CM this summer, but have been out of twon on the last Friday in both
September and August.  Finally, I can ride another CM, but my bike broke last
week, and I won't get to fix it on time.

So... I still want to ride, but I don't have a bike.  Some possibilities a CM'er
might provide for me (an adult male without cycling shoes):
 * the back half of a tandem
 * the pegs (front or rear) of a BMX style bike
 * a juvinile-in-actions-but-not-in-size seat
 * a spare bike

I know this is a long shot... but does anybody (1) have extra equipment that (2)
they are willing to loan me on the CM ride this Friday?

 - Tommy V

Thomas John Vitolo
Ph D Systems Engineering Candidate,
Boston University

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