[*BCM*] Special rights?

Dave Roberts dave at the-wild.net
Wed Oct 13 16:09:33 EDT 2004

Some motor vehicles already have what you call "special rights." For example, in
California - motorcycles are allowed to travel inbetween lanes in traffic.
Vehicles with certain loads of people are allowed to travel in special lanes
(HOV - high occupancy vehicle lane) here in Mass. Motor vehicles have the
"special right" to access all roads - ie, interstates and federal highways;
bicycles do not have this "special right." It is clear that bicycles are
different from motor vehicles. There is nothing wrong with them being different
- they can fall under the same rules and regs but with other exceptions or
additions like any other vehicle that has the right to road. Different vehicles
have "special" regs - ie commercial vs. non-commercial, livery vs. non-livery,
weight restrictions, lane restrictions, operator restrictions, etc. It is not
an argument over the bicycle's right to the road, it is an argument for
consideration that indeed the bicycle is different from the motor vehicle and
should be allowed certain exceptions. Of course it is a slippery slope... but
*everything* is a slipperly slope somewhere. That's why you have to make sure
things stay in at least certain balance, it sucks - but its true. Further, such
exclusions as crosswalk and straight on red would have to be adjusted or
nullified if a time came when the bicycle was the predominant means of the
transportation ... but that's how things work - they grow and adjust and
respond to their environments. blah blah blah, just my 2 minute take on it for

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