[*BCM*] Cambridge po-po sighting

Myrtle the Tyrtle jym at econet.org
Wed Oct 13 12:43:46 EDT 2004

> Who's Streets?  Everyone's streets!

If you want to be respected on the Internet, then you yourself
have to write respectably.  Using apostrophes in possessive
pronouns is grammatically illegal and obnoxious, so why
shouldn't you get a ticket for it?   And the grammar cops
certainly do give tickets to Netizens all the time for abusing

As a Netizen, you can't have it both ways.  Either you are
considered an Internet operator, or you aren't!  If you are,
you have the same right to use the English language as other
Internet operators, but with those rights come responsibility
to write your messages within the same regulations as everyone
else.  If you don't believe that you should be considered a
legal Internet operator, and instead some sort of "toy" writer,
then you may write however you want, but you won't have any
legal protection when you get flamed or flame someone else.


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