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Dave Roberts dave at the-wild.net
Wed Oct 13 12:42:23 EDT 2004

I do believe the law *should* include exceptions, which probably then would
require training or certification... however - for example, I do believe that a
bicyclist ought to be able to proceed through an intersection on a walk signal
(though not in the crosswalk itself and provided they do not interfere with ped
traffic - just like cars turning onto walk signals)... a cyclist ought to be
able to perform a safe "straight on red after looking" as I do believe are
allowed in some Euro cities/countries... etc... but that's a matter of changing
legislation, until that time - I stop at red lights... though I do find myself
going on walk signals... especially to give myself a little advantage off the
starting line when contending with trucks and cars. 

Quoting turtle <turtle at zworg.com>:

* If you want to be respected on the roads, then you yourself have to ride
* respectably.  Running a red light is illegal and obnoxious, so why
* shouldn't you get a ticket for it?   And the cops certainly do give
* tickets to car drivers all the time for running red lights. (Cambridge
* is even pushing the state to allow them to use cameras to identify all
* the cars running red lights, like they do in England - whether or not
* you like the idea, is still shows that they take it seriously.)
* As a bicyclist, you can't have it both ways. Either you are considered a
* legal vehicle operator, or you aren't!  If you are, you have the same
* right to use the roads as other vehicle operators, but with those
* rights come responsibility to drive your vehicle within the same
* regulations as everyone else.  If you don't believe that you should be
* considered a legal vehicle operator, and instead some sort of "toy"
* owner, then you may drive how ever you want, but you won't have any
* legal protection when you get hit or hit someone else.  
* The law says you are a legal vehicle operator, with equal rights to the
* road.  And I think that it's a good idea, so I choose to take my place
* in traffic as an equal member, and I respect the traffic laws even when
* I'm in a hurry, or think that I can "get away with it".  I do this
* because I value my rights to use the road (especially when some folks
* don't want me there at all!).
* -Turtle
* Who's Streets?  Everyone's streets!
* HANDY TIP: if you want to use a pedestrian signal to cross a street with
* a bike, you need to dismount and WALK your bike across.  This is legal,
* and socially acceptable, and it shows how incredibly adaptable bicycles
* are, compared to motor vehicles!
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