[*BCM*] Critical Mass as a demonstration

Ari Pollak ajp at aripollak.com
Fri Jul 30 13:30:39 EDT 2004

Adam Shoop said:
> My original postulation, as unclear and meandering as it may have been,
> was primarily that there can either be a) a fairly coherent message that
> we're "riding bikes" or b) there can be a lot of unrelated, possibly
> confusing messages. The difference between "every cyclist is something or
> the other" and every motorist, is that I don't know of any motorists who
> are participating in a demonstration.  You usually don't see 100 people
> riding bikes together, unless you are seeing a bike race, a benefit ride,
> or Critical Mass (I'm sure I've left something out).  Motorists,
> passersby, etc., are going to formulate a reason for it, whether they ask,
> or whether they assume based on some particular action (which could be
> paint being thrown on a car, anti-war signs, or whatever).

My point exactly.

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