[*BCM*] News!

Nat Butler nrbutler at bostoncoop.net
Fri Jul 30 11:04:25 EDT 2004

> They even used lingo that we never use on our normal rides.  "Mass up"
> was a slogan used to get everyone together.

Actually, I've been hearing this term in Boston critical masses for years.
I've used it myself here many times.

If it was used frequently on yesterday's ride, that probably indicates
that folks were getting stressed about the ride thining out and becoming
dangerous.  Or maybe folks were just a little more focused than usual on 
keeping the ride tight and safe, what with the cops all around and

>From what I'm hearing, it sounds like the planners of yesterday's ride,
or anyone on the ride for that matter, could have done more to make the 
ride safer and more enjoyable.  We could have drawn up a route map.
Perhaps someone should have stood up before the ride to get people to 
vote on tactics.


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