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Fri Jul 30 10:19:35 EDT 2004

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:01:10 -0400 "Adam Shoop" <Adam_Shoop at emerson.edu>

> the statement "anti-Israel" contains little to no content whatsoever

-- As used in my earlier post, it was meant to have as little content as

> the issue of Israel/Palestine _is_ a related concern for Arabs

-- Which is as may be, but it is tangential to my point that by promoting
one specific message, ANSWR drove away other anti-war people who did not
want to get behind that message.

> ought to be carried on some place other than this list.

-- There you go.  I was not trying to put up the substantive argument,
merely the tactical concern.

> [quoting Ari] It's not like you see pro-choice signs at an anti-war

-- But sometimes you do (e.g., "anti-Israel" signs at an anti-war rally).

> We're riding bikes.

-- Exactly.  And if someone else is also riding a bike and is carrying a
sign or wearing a mask or baiting the police, that does not have to be my
problem.  I liked the guy's story the other day about how he held back
half a block and stopped for the red lights, so as to distance himself
from elements he did not want to be identified with (but the police got
on him anyway).  In daily life, it not infrequently happens that I will
stop at a light and some other cyclist will blow through.  If anything, I
think this actually helps with educating motorists, because they can
clearly see that not every cyclist fits the cliche of blowing through
lights.  Just as not every motorist something or other.

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