[*BCM*] Fair Trade Bike Frames & Components?

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Wed Jul 28 10:04:17 EDT 2004

I just want to point out that one of the reasons that other countries
can create products far more cheaply than we US folks can, is because
we have such a high standard of living/cost of living.  While there is
definitely a difference between "scraping by" and "making a living"
there is also a difference between "making a living" and "living well".
 Not saying anything about anyone on this list specifically, but many US
citizens would feel that they weren't "making a living if that didn't
mean living in a big house with only one or two other people, owning
one car per person, buying new toys like stereos and wide screen tvs
periodically, and eating lots of prepared food.  Many people in other
cultures would consider our standard of living to be spoiled.

So, are we spoiled, or are they really suffering?  The truth of the
matter is probably somewhere in between.

While I prefer to buy products that are made locally as much as
possible, I don't believe that I should boycott products that are made
in other countries, simply because the workers are willing to work for
less money.  (Plus, part of the price difference that we've been
talking about here is due to the idea of hand built vs. factory built. 
Hand built is clearly better when done right, but a factory built bike
may be perfectly suitable as well.  Customers want the option of
choosing either, depending on their needs and budget.)

I would wholeheartedly support a bicycle made by a fair trade company,
no matter what culture it was built in.

who notes that TREK doesn't build the entire bicycle in the US

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