[*BCM*] This is sweet!

Lee Peters lfpeters at eltonhamptonarchitects.com
Fri Jul 23 09:48:56 EDT 2004

I'll give you a couple bucks at the ride.  I'm the guy on the bike.






Ps. Black bike, orange helmet, goatee, dorky glasses.



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Right, I'm talking to the florist.  Or is this just too freaking

I"m tempted to sign the thing from BCM.  Anyone else want to come in on
this with me?

p.schimek at comcast.net wrote:

R. Tracy MacNab, PhD, CGP
Marino Center Cambridge 
2500 Massachusetts Avenue 02140 

I'm sure Dr. MacNab will love your flowers.



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Damn, if I had a better address, I'd send that woman flowers.

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