[*BCM*] Re: Interp needed

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Wed Jul 21 09:09:27 EDT 2004

> Sign at the signaled intersection of Cabot and Centre streets in Newton:
> "Bicycle stop at line for green" with an image of a bike with a dotted line 
> below it...

That would mean that bicyclists need to stop behind the indicated line
for a red light to turn green.  Look for the cutouts in the pavement,
indicating where the "trip wire" (actually a magnetic sensor) is. 
These sensors are supposed to be sensitive enough to be triggered by a
bicycle, though they are occasionally set improperly.  If the green
light doesn't trigger for you after 60 seconds or so, it may be
malfunctioning.  Let your local DPW know about it.


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