[*BCM*] Frufru?

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Tue Jul 20 13:15:22 EDT 2004

Boston Critical Mass <list at bostoncriticalmass.org> wrote:

> So I assume you're the Prius and I'm the SUV.  

Well...  I don't even want the Prius!

So much for my bonafides. 

Hey, to each his or her own, right?

> Harumph. What about those who are both transportational and recreational 
> riders?  

No one said you have to pick one or the other.  I just meant that not
all bicyclists are alike.  The TAB's editorialist seemed to do the
usual thing of lumping all bicyclists into one camp.  Bicyclists are
just as diverse as motorists are.

Hybrid SUV's?  Protest Non-voters? 

Sure!  The more variety the merrier!

> Hey, the sun came out. I'm going to take my bike for a ride in my 
> Hummer  (it's a 2, so it's OK).

Hey, it's a free country (or at least it was before the Patriot Acts...)
 And I'm sure Dubya will be mighty grateful for the $2.00 a gallon
donation to his oil buddies.

> Seriously, though, are there really two camps?  Are there real issues 
> between them?

More than two!  And there are definitely major disagreements among the
groups.  Some folks want to be seperated from other types of traffic,
some think that bicyclists should have more rights to the road than
other users, some want everyone to be treated equally, and some just
like to kick cars.  Heck, even in the higher eschalons of the esteemed
MassBike organization, there are at least three different opinions
about what to do to promote biking in the State.

Oh, and just for the record, I have nothing against $5000 bikes.  I just
think they are silly.  My husband has one that he never rides.  While
his cheap, 20 year old bike is used nearly every day.  I say, what's
the point of spending $5000 if you can't use the damn thing?  Think of
all the starving shildren in China with no bikes! :-)

of the "equality" camp

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