[*BCM*] Frufru?

Arthur arthursc at rcn.com
Tue Jul 20 10:38:33 EDT 2004

frufru?  What, a schism between recreational and transportational?  Is 
this like naderite progresives vs ABB progressives? 

turtle wrote:

>Here is the letter I sent to the Editor (at least I hope it gets to the
>editor, the Herald's website sucks.)
>Dear Allston/Brighton TAB Editor,
>>From the confused anti-bike rant in the Allston-Brighton TAB last week,
>it sounds like Dave Gradijan is one of the many newly landed urbanites
>who has yet to learn that driving a car in Boston is a no-win
>situation.  We transportational bicyclists (as opposed to the frufru
>recreational cyclists - who ride bikes that cost more than the writer's
>car probably does) have learned this lesson from having lived in Boston
>for decades.  Sure, we probably had a car when we arrived from distant
>lands such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and Framingham.  But soon, we
>found that parking tickets, insurance, theft, snail's pace traffic
>jams, and the ubiquitous Noreasters meant that car ownership was far
>more trouble than it was worth - especially with the purchase of a $50
>bike and a T stop within spitting distance of just about any place
>worth it's (Boston Baked) beans.
>May I suggest, that if Mr Gradijan truly wants to drive his car, he
>should get out of the city.  The suburbs hold a plethora of lovely,
>wide, sterile roads that he will be able to enjoy as he sprawls from
>his home to his office, to his gym (so he can keep in shape while
>safely going nowhere).
>In the meantime, please wish Mr. Gradijan good luck commuting by car
>during the DNC. Myself, I'll be biking on the roads that he and his car
>will be banished from.
>Turil Cronburg
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