[*BCM*] Great anti-bike editorial, Dave!

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Tue Jul 20 09:40:45 EDT 2004

Rock on, man.  I loved your piece about the bike riders in our area who think 
they completely own the road and actually make the roads more dangerous for 
all of us who travel more "sanely" by car.  Just the other day I had to pass 
several of these slow weaving cyclers on a street downtown.  Made me ten minutes 
late for work!  And one of them had on this self-righteous shirt stating "One 
less car";  tell you what, when I saw that, I almost made the world better 
off by one less biker!   In fact, I just ordered a couple of shirts saying "One 
less Bike...and proud of it!"...I'll send you one!

I know all about the state law that says bikes have rights to the road, but 
when will they learn that it's survival of the fittest out there?  Sheesh, I 
had to buy me a huge SUV so my family would be safer on the road...don't these 
folks get it?  Bikes are history, man. they just aren't safe and I am supposed 
to feel bad if one of them gets clipped by a car?  As you inferred in your 
article from those who "fail to realize that it just isn't safe to bike", maybe 
if more of them get hit, the message will finally get through.  I bought my 
6-year old an ATV so she could be an experienced driver!  It'd be a death 
sentence to get her interested in biking.  Articles like yours will do us all a great 
service by steering parents and kids away from suicidal cycling...you're 
providing a valuable community service!

I really liked different parts of your article:  I loved the joke about the 
"Great Bicycle Rack in the Sky" and the one about bikes causing conditions that 
resemble the glacial progress of state government...ha!  let's face it, most 
of these bikers are liberals anyway and probably like big government!!  And 
your recommendation of riding on the sidewalks?  I am with you, dude.  I am 
always yelling at these guys to get on the sidewalk...let the pedestrians deal 
with them.  heck, the pedestrians are my second biggest problem.  Maybe you could 
write an article about them and how maybe we should abolish sidewalks;  no 
one uses them anymore and we could use an extra travel lane for sure out here in 
Waterham.  And as for the "dorky" clothing...wierd liberal expensive clingy 
stuff, man.   When I am out shooting ducks on the charles, I can pick up an 
orange t-shirt at eddie bauer for $9...and those helmets?  I am with you, I never 
needed one of those when i was a kid either even though I experienced several 
head trauma;  those accidents and injuries make one tougher, doncha think?  
Again, I think the helmet lobby is one of those liberal conspiracies, for sure. 
 maybe you could do some research on that?

As for riders riding abreast...two or more constitute a row in my mind and 
any row is a target in my mind (see duck hunting above).  I agree with you that 
they do this to spite the drivers and are only asking for trouble.

Thanks for the insightful (and inciteful, if you know what I mean *wink*) 
piece;  obviously, you have had extensive experience with these two-wheeled  
nuisances!  keep up the good work (see sidewalk abolition suggestion above!).

Your faithful reader,

Dodge Durango
Waterham, MA

PS:  attached is a recent pic of my SUV...ain't she a beaut?

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