[*BCM*] Horrifying editorial in the TAB

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Mon Jul 19 17:58:44 EDT 2004

Here is the letter I sent to the Editor (at least I hope it gets to the
editor, the Herald's website sucks.)



Dear Allston/Brighton TAB Editor,

>From the confused anti-bike rant in the Allston-Brighton TAB last week,
it sounds like Dave Gradijan is one of the many newly landed urbanites
who has yet to learn that driving a car in Boston is a no-win
situation.  We transportational bicyclists (as opposed to the frufru
recreational cyclists - who ride bikes that cost more than the writer's
car probably does) have learned this lesson from having lived in Boston
for decades.  Sure, we probably had a car when we arrived from distant
lands such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and Framingham.  But soon, we
found that parking tickets, insurance, theft, snail's pace traffic
jams, and the ubiquitous Noreasters meant that car ownership was far
more trouble than it was worth - especially with the purchase of a $50
bike and a T stop within spitting distance of just about any place
worth it's (Boston Baked) beans.

May I suggest, that if Mr Gradijan truly wants to drive his car, he
should get out of the city.  The suburbs hold a plethora of lovely,
wide, sterile roads that he will be able to enjoy as he sprawls from
his home to his office, to his gym (so he can keep in shape while
safely going nowhere).

In the meantime, please wish Mr. Gradijan good luck commuting by car
during the DNC. Myself, I'll be biking on the roads that he and his car
will be banished from.

Turil Cronburg

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