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Righteous indignation, though warranted, will just make the cycling
community look like humorless, self-absorbed curmudgeons (a.k.a.
Lycrazoids), which does nothing to reduce the motorist assault rate (petty
and otherwise) against us
dang, and all this time I thought the assault rate was due to road rage and 
bad drivers...it never occurred to me (until now) that it was my curmudgeonly 
attitude that attracted bumpers to me ass...now i see the light!  actually, 
DHammond raises a good point...shouldn't be too hard to write something at least 
half as funny as the TAB editorial.

and sorry, folks, for the humorless self-absorbed tirade I sent back to the 
jerk...I will let him know immediately that I was speaking for myself and most 
bikers enjoy a good joke about being sent to the bike rack in the sky! after 
all it crosses our minds every time we get on the dang things...

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