[*BCM*] bike questions

Ken S. Kotch Ken at Kotch.biz
Thu Jul 15 22:10:19 EDT 2004

Why are you looking for a mountain bike? It seems to me you will be riding
in the city? A road bike or a commuter bike will save you a lot of energy.

On 7/15/04 10:05 PM, "Moz" <list at moz.geek.nz> wrote:

> Ari said:
>> - Why do some people prefer stiff forks instead of front shocks if they
>> come out to the same price?
> Because suspension forks do actually cost more, so the manufacturer
> shaves money on the rest of the bike to meet the price point. If you
> look closely you'll find that the cheap, crappy suspension fork
> actually means you also get cheap, crappy components somewhere else on
> the bike too.
> It depends very much on how much you ride and what sort of riding you
> do. For someone like me who's riding 60-100 miles/week and carrying a
> load on the bike pretty much all the time, all that "cheap, crappy"
> translates to "throw the bike away after a year". Which gets to be
> pretty darn annoying after a while - the last few months are
> unpleasant as the bike slowly stops working, the first few months are
> ok but I'm still tweaking the bike to make it work right for me. So I
> spent nearly $2000 on my last bike to get a decent frame with decent
> components (Shimano 8 speed hub gears, Old Man Mountain racks, and so
> on).
> But if you don't ride that much, or haven't yet, a cheap bike is a
> good idea - try to get something that fits you and that you can afford
> to throw away after a year. That way in a years time when you have a
> much better idea of how much you'll ride and what exactly you want
> the bike to do, you'll also know of a decent bike shop that you can go
> to and get the bike you actually want. Or by then you'll realise that
> you don't actually ride that much so the bike you have is fine.

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