[*BCM*] bike questions

Moz list at moz.geek.nz
Thu Jul 15 22:09:23 EDT 2004

Tom said:
> Chainguards are something different.  These wrap around the chain
> along it's upward (forward) path, and partly or fully around the
> chainrings.  This bike has one:
> http://www.kogausa.com/StreetLiner(M)specs.htm

I',m used to that being called a half-guard, where a chainguard covers
the whole chain. Normally only seen on bikes with hub gears, and then
really only popular where a lot of time is spent riding in snowy
conditions. Although Dutch Roadsters often have one (but then, dutch
roadsters have everything you could possibly want, which is why they
weigh so much).

Save homo ped plumbium - they're driving themselves to extinction.

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