[*BCM*] bike questions

Ari Pollak ajp at aripollak.com
Thu Jul 15 14:00:25 EDT 2004

> by the way, Ari, you can save a pile by shopping used bikes..
> check out "craig's list" or ebay on the web, or some of the local
> shops sell used (City Bike on Tremont at Berkeley) and Boston Bike(?)
> on Beacon just over the pike towards Brookline....
Yeah, I looked at craigslist, but I guess I'm just really picky since I
hadn't found anything I was particularly interested in. I figure if I'm
spending so much money on a bike, I might as well not take chances with it
having been abused. And unfortunately, the hybrid bikes I'm looking at now
which are basically road bikes with flat handlebars (I used to have a
mountain bike with front shocks and hybrid tires before it got stolen)
seem to have only been introduced within the last few years.

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