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> Rigid forks = better efficiency on the road
ah, ok. Do you think it makes much of a difference riding around the city?
depends on your riding style; if you want speed and don't mind a few jarring 
bumps along the way, go with the stiff fork;  if you like a cushier ride and 
don't mind losing some speed, go with the shocks (shocks are also very good for 
potholes and off road riding);  full suspension bikes tend to be very 

> Chainguards, more common in other countries where cycling is more widely
> accepted as form of transportation vs. a toy or recreation device?
interesting, though I wonder what the disadvantage of one could possibly be.
personal preference;  they keep your pant cuffs from getting greasy...other 
than that, they are not missed much if you don't have one..

> Price, depends on the bikes? For example?
I don't really have much for comparison, but I guess I'll just assume the
more expensive ones have better components (there are so many different

Also, what's your opinion about skinny road tires vs. slightly wider
hybrid tires? Does wider always equal more stability?
if you are inexperienced and do most of your riding around the city, use the 
hybrid tyres or go with a mountain bike....road bike (skinny tyres) are good 
for speed and smooth pavement.
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