[*BCM*] bike questions

Clayton Carter crcarter at cs.indiana.edu
Thu Jul 15 13:34:17 EDT 2004

> - Why do some bikes come with a chainring guard and some don't? Could
> something as simple as that really affect performance or weight?

	It probably depends on the `intended' use.  If the bike is
designed for a lot of athletic riding, then they'll probably assume
you'll be wearing tight clothing and will save the weight and leave
the guard off.  If the bike is designed for more casual or commuter
use, then they might include a guard to that your pants/shoestrings
don't get caught or greasy.  Just speculation.

> - Why do some people prefer stiff forks instead of front shocks if they
> come out to the same price?

	Like someone else mentioned, stiff forks are more efficient
for lots of on the road performance.  Shocks, no matter how stiff
they're set, will absorb some of the energy that you're putting into
pedaling and reduce your overall efficiency.  They might be handy if
you hit a lot of potholes, but it's probably better in the long run to
just avoid the potholes.


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