[*BCM*] What about the bikes?

Ryan L Sciaino sciaino.r at neu.edu
Sun Aug 29 01:22:47 EDT 2004

The possibility of my ride getting damaged and/or confiscated was the 
only thing keeping me from riding in New York this past Friday.  I had 
heard a few people got their bikes mangled during the DNC protest.  I'm 
a student living at home in the NY area this summer and need my bikes 
to work this fall.

I see familiar faces getting arrested in the photos and videos floating 
around on the internet and it really enrages me.  A friend of mine made 
it out of there with her bike, having locked it outside the church as 
quickly and calmly as possible after seeing a flat bed truck work it's 
way through the crowd, bikes piled high on the back.  What I've 
gathered from stories I've heard is that the more serious the offense 
they charge you with, the less likely it is you see your bike again.  
Given the magnitude bikes they've got hopefully they'll make them 
quickly and easily available once your legal nonsense is cleared up.  
Given 250 something bikes tangling on the back of a flat bed truck, I'm 
sure they're all in great shape.


Thomas John Vitolo wrote:

>I rode the Boston CM ride this past Friday, and had an awesome time!
>I do have a (maybe silly) question... when riders get arrested, what 
happens to their bikes?  Truth be 
>told, I wouldn't mind getting arrested for peaceful protest, but I 
wouldn't want my bike to be stolen/
>confiscated by the police.  After all, they're the only two wheels I 
>Anybody know what happened to the 250ish bikes that were riden by those 
arrested in NYC?  In 
>general, once people get arrested, what about the bikes?
>Thomas John Vitolo
>Ph D Systems Engineering Candidate,
>Boston University
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