[*BCM*] MassBike Festival THIS SATURDAY; Help a Boston Globe Reporter

Dorie Clark bikexec at massbike.org
Thu Aug 26 15:14:53 EDT 2004

            MassBike Festival THIS SATURDAY
            The weather report looks great for this Saturday's 2nd Annual
MassBike festival. Register online NOW and save $10 off day-of admission. As
featured in today's Boston Globe Calendar section, we'll be gathering at the
Fenn School in Concord (516 Monument Street) for a fun day of rides and a
time trial. You won’t want to miss our 100K through the rolling hills of
Harvard and the Fruitlands; the historical ride through Lexington and
Concord; our trip to the DeCordova Museum’s outdoor sculpture garden; the
“Ice Cream Headache” ride with 4 ice cream stops; a "water hole" ride to a
discounted canoe rental location; and more! The special pre-registration
rate for our all-day Festival plus free breakfast, Clif bars, Redbones BBQ
lunch, and vegetarian options is only $25 for individuals and $40 for
families ($10 additional for a spot in the 9.75 mile "gently rolling" time

            Volunteers are still needed to help with the time trial and
serving food--and volunteers get in free! Please contact Karin at
oberon119 at hotmail.com. (Please note: Unlikely though it is that we'll need
it, Sunday, August 29 is the rain date. This event is sponsored by Redbones,
WRKO, Verrill Farms, the Ride magazine, the Blue Frog Bakery, Clif Bar,
Whole Foods, and Rockstar Energy Drinks.)

            Click Here to Register Now



            Boston Globe Reporter Needs Your Help for Bike Story
            Boston Globe reporter Chris Berdik is working on a story about
biking in Boston, currently slated to run in Sept. 12's City Weekly section.
Here's your chance to help him out and share your perspective.

            The centerpiece of his story is a first-person narrative about a
ride around town with MassBike's own Doug Mink. However, he'd also like YOUR
perspective about biking in Boston (and, to a lesser extent, Cambridge,
Somerville, and Brookline). Please email your responses by Wednesday,
September 1 to rcberdik at yahoo.com.

            1) Please give your name (first and last), age, and a quick
description of your bike commute (starting/ending points fine, time it
takes, all year? Etc)

            2) Are you pleased with your route? Is it well marked and
maintained? Dangerous in spots, or smooth sailing? Etc.

            3) What's the best kept bicycling secret in Boston OR what are
one or two things that everyone who bikes in Boston should know (Cambridge,
Somerville, Brookline OK too)?

            4) What could be done to make Boston a more bike-friendly city?

            5) If you have any telling biking in Boston anecdotes that you
think illustrate any of the above, please feel free to tell us.

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